All BTech & MTech students are elegibil for Hostel Admission.

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Introduction :

The Hostel Rules are to create a family atmosphere in the hostel and to help each one to make their stay fruitful and successful.  So the hostel inmates should strictly keep the rules and should maintain an atmosphere of study and hard work in the hostel.

1.  Cleanliness

All the hostel inmates should keep rooms, verandas, toilets and hostel premises absolutely clean and tidy.  The inmates should clean their rooms at least once in a week without fail.Inmates are not allowed to hang clothes outside the rooms, especially on handrails.  They should make use of the shed provided for it.Don’t throw any waste items through the windows.  Put them only in the dustbin.

2. Language

English should be strictly used in the hostel and in the campus for communication.

3. Visitors

No visitors are allowed during the working hours and study time.  No visitor is allowed to be taken to hostel rooms.  Visitors should be received only in the parlour of the hostel with the permission of the hostel warden / Assistant warden.

4. Prayer life

Hostlers are supposed to spend every day some time for prayer. Common night prayer is compulsory to all.All Catholic students should attend Rosary every day as scheduled.  At this time others can go for supper.Holy Mass on Sundays, evening mass on Mondays, other obligatory days and adoration on Thursdays are compulsory for all Catholics.Participation in the Holy Mass on weekdays is highly recommended.

5. Group Study

Group study and discussions with other room inmates have to be done in the commonplace.  This is permitted only up to 11 pm.  After that permission should be taken from the warden.   

6. Modesty and Decorum

Rule of modesty and decorum in dress code, appearance, and behaviour have to be strictly adhered to.

             Dress code - For girls, churidars of length below the knee is permitted and for boys Pants and three-fourths with suitable top wears are permitted (lungies and dhotis are not permitted).

             Appearance - Professional etiquettes (Clean shaven, decent hairstyle etc) must be followed.

7. Study Time and other time schedules

Working Days:   6.30 am to 8.00 am; 6.30 pm to 7 pm; 8 pm onwards.Sundays and other holidays: 7 am to 8 am; 9 am to 10.00 am; 6.30 pm to 7 pm, 8 pm onwards.

8. Use of Electricity and Water

Electricity and water should be used in a moderate way.  Use of any articles which are consuming electricity other than light and fans are strictly prohibited.

9. Outing

Outing is allowed for boys on Sundays and public holidays after 10 am.  But all should enter into the hostel before 6 pm.   Visiting of houses and persons without permission is not allowed. Besides above mentioned days Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after class, shopping is allowed to boys.  For girls outing and shopping will be arranged occasionally.

10. Use of Intoxicating Articles

Use of intoxicating articles in every sense is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will be punished with dismissal from the hostel and even from the college.

11. Ragging

 Ragging and other indecent behavior will be punished with dismissal both from college and hostel, and the matter will be reported to the Police authority for further action.

12. Use of Mobile Phones & Laptops

Responsible and restricted use is recommended.

13. Use of Gate Pass

Students must keep hostel gate pass record with them while going out of the hostel and it has to be returned immediately to the hostel warden after the arrival.   Students must keep the incoming and outgoing time mentioned in the gate pass.  Any change should be reported to the warden well in advance.  The gate pass and leave form should be duly filled and signed by the persons mentioned in the same.

14. Hostel Vacation

The official Vacations given to the college during Onam, Christmas, Easter & Semester holidays will be applicable to the Hostel also.

15. Going Home on weekends and other Holidays

Hostel inmates are allowed to go home only during vacation and public holidays.  If anybody wants to go home every week end and other causal holidays in between the prior written request from the parents are necessary.  Once permission granted students cannot remain in the hostel without the permission of the warden.

16. Study Holidays

During study holidays the students are allowed to remain in the hostel.  If anybody wants to go home they are allowed.  But they can return to the hostel only on the previous day of the examination.

17. Entry to Other Room

Allowing others (both hostlers and outsiders) to enter in your room is strictly forbidden.  Each one should use only the room and bed allotted. Violation of this will be considered very seriously.

18. Personal Belongings

Hostel authorities are not responsible for the safe keeping of student’s personal belongings.

19. Stay Outside without permission

Hostel inmates are not permitted to stay outside the hostel. Violation of this will be seriously considered even with dismissal.

20. Play Time

4.30pm to 6.00pm

21. Stay Back in the Hostel

During college working hours, nobody is allowed to remain in the hostel, without the permission of the warden. On college working days students should leave the hostel by 8.30 am.  

22. Common Norms

Executive Director will be the sole authority to explain, to amend and to interpret these rules.Hostel authorities are not responsible for any casualties that may happen to the students during their stay in the hostel.Utilize the bank and ATM facilities in the campus and avoid slack money.Transactions from outsiders (including day scholars) either in money or in kind are allowed only with the prior permission of the warden.Appropriate penalties including dismissal, suspension, fines will be imposed for any damage done to the hostel property and for the violation of hostel rules.


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