Irinjalakkuda Diosesan Educational Trust

Irinjalakuda Diocesan Educational Trust was registered on 23-07-2001 with Reg. No: 138/IV 2001. The trust belongs to the Catholic Diocese of Irinjalakuda, Christian (Syro-Malabar) minority community. The Registered Office of the Trust is located at Catholic Bishop's House, Irinjalakuda – 680121, Manavalassery Village, Mukundapuram Taluk , Thrissur District , Kerala State , India.

Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Pauly Kannookadan
Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Irinjalakuda

Human behavior is a very broad and complex phenomenon, involving numerous components. Each individual possesses a different 'package' of experiences, values, needs, goals, persuasions and ideas that cause him to behave differently from another. The task of education is to change the behavior. For this, keep up the spirit of prayer and hard work and remain well disciplined. Mutual trust and co-operation alone will help the institution to go ahead with full thrust as one soul and one heart, thereby making the venture a reality.

V. Rev.Msgr.Prof.Dr.Lazar Kuttikadan
Vicar General, Diocease of Irinjalakuda

Human mind is a complex unit and all knowledge is interdependent. In a sense, every study should excite and satisfy different mental powers. It must impart intellectual vision, aesthetic enjoyment and practical power to the students. The prime thrust of the diocese is the total transformation of the individual through education by emphasizing the family as the cornerstone of social structure. Intension of our institution is to fabricate each individual as God-fearing and honest citizens, respectful and loving all.

Executive Director
REV.Fr. George Pareman
Dr. Sudha George Valavi M. Sc., NET., Ph.D, MHRM,, LMISTE
Dr. Nixon Kuruvila M.Tech, Ph.D,LMISTE
Fr. Jinoj Kolenchery
Asst Finance Officer
Fr. Joby Menoth
Media Director
Fr. Joby Menoth


  • Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Pauly Kannookadan, Chairman IDET Irinjalakuda
  • MSGR. Dr. Lazar Kuttikadan Manager , SCET Kodakara
  • Rev. Fr. George Pareman.
  • V.Rev.Fr. Varghese Aricatt.
  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Antu Alappadan.
  • Rev.Fr. Thomas Velakkanadan
  • Rev. Fr. Titus Kattuparambil
  • Rev. Fr. Seby Kolangara
  • Rev. Fr. Jinoj Kolenchery.
  • Fr. Shaju Chirayath


  • Dr V A Joseph - Retd MD and CEO South Indian Bank, Thrissur
  • Prof. P C Thomas Director, Prof. PC Thomas Institutions
  • Dr. S Ramakrishnan, Professor, IIT, Madras.
  • Mr. Christo George - Managing Director, Hykon India, Thrissur.
  • Mrs. Shirely K John - Retd Chief Engineer-KSEB.
  • Dr. Merina Benny - General Manager, Arjuna Natural extracts Ltd. Aluva.
  • Prof. Jacob Devassy - Profeesor & Associate Dean,Bharth Matha College, Cochin.
  • Prof. Manoj Menon - Professor, Rajagiri School of Management, Cochin.
  • Adv. Sunil Jose Vennatuparambil
  • Prof.(Dr).E D Jemmmis


  • Dr. H D Maheshappa,Principal, Acharya Institute of Technology, Banagalore
  • Dr. E Gopinathan - Dean, School of Engineering
  • Dr. Paul K Joseph - Professor, EEE Dept, NIT - Calicut
  • Dr. Abraham T Mathew - Profesor, EEE Dept., NIT - Calicut
  • Dr. Lillykutty - Professor, EC Dept, NIT - Calicut
  • Dr. T.P.Somasundaran - Professor, Civil Engineering, NIT Calicut
  • Dr. M.S. Jayadeva, Consultant
  • Prof. K.T. Joseph, Advisor
  • Dr. Sudha George Joint Director
  • Dr. Nixon Kuruvila, Principal