Biotechnology Engineering


To instruct students and advance research in Biosciences and Applied Biotechnology that will best serve our nation and the world


1. Educating the next generation of engineers with a continual relevant curriculum that will teach them to integrate biological sciences with engineering fundamentals that can make, model and manipulate biological systems for industrial applicability.
2. The department will research and develop new knowledge at the interface of engineering and biology that is industrially and socially relevant and looks at sustainability.
3. Train leaders who value professional ethics and realize the need for societal contribution and environmental sustainability in their work

Semester Sem I & II Sem III Sem IV Sem V Sem VI Sem VII Sem VIII
2013-2017 100 100 97.92 95.83 89.5 81.25 70.84
2012-2016 97.06 97.06 94.11 95 73.53 88.23 62.3



Industrial biotechnology involves working with nature to maximize and optimize existing biochemical pathways that can be used in manufacturing. The industrial biotechnology revolution rides on a series of related developments in three fields of study of detailed information derived from the cell: genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. As a result, scientists can apply new techniques to a large number of microorganisms ranging from bacteria, yeasts, and fungi to marine diatoms and protozoa. Industrial biotechnology is one of the most promising new approaches to pollution prevention, resource conservation, and cost reduction. Aspiring candidate can definitely acquire knowledge in the application of various biotechnological and biochemical concepts in an industrial perspective and will be able to design innovative processes and products. He/ She can develop solution to address the demand for sustainable supply of fuels and food through biological means. A career in industrial biotechnology offers a variety of work assignments which includes basic research, process development, production, technical services, quality control or compliance control in the field of medicine, food and pollution control.


Ph.D IN Biotechnology

Achievements in Project Competitions

1. Ms. Jasmin,Ms. Manasa, Mr.Vimal,& Ms. Haritha of 2012-16 batch( S8 BT) won the first prize in non-circuit category in the Project competition Shrishti held at Jyothi Engineering college, Thrissur on March 19th 2016.
2. Mr. Aswin and Mr.Sreeragh got first prize in Indian medical device expo for ‘Make in India’held on 15th April at Pune. This was organised by IIT, Mumbai, VNIT Nagpur and COE Pune.
3. Mr. Sachin Thomas and Mr. Athul K Balachandran of S3 BT won the second prize in the Technical Quiz competition Conducted by METS School of Engineering Mala on Oct 21st and 22nd 2016

Workshops and conferences

1. Workshop on Next generation sequencing: 17/3/2016-19/3/2016. Resource persons were from Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Trivandrum.
3. TRENDS-International Conference on Trends in Research, Engineering & Developmental Sciences was organized from June 15th 2016 to June 16th 2016.

Technical Events

The annual technical fest Palmarius 2016 was conducted on 5th and 6th April with various technical events like Indriya, Acclerator, Maze hustle and Forensics. There were more than 100 external participants also for the event


1.40 students of 2014-18 batch (S5BT) attended internships at institutes like Biozeen, Bangalore, Indo American Hybrid Seeds Bangalore, AVT Biotech Kochi, Amala Cancer Research Institute,Thrissur.
2.Fifty three students from the 2015-19 batch (S3 BT) attended internships at various institutes like FACT Udyogamandal, Milma Dairy products, Kerala solvent extraction Ltd.

Participation in Project Competitions

1. Ms. Jasmin, Ms. Manasa, Mr.Vimal,& Ms. Haritha of 2012-16 batch ( S8 BT) participated in a paper presentation competition held at at IIT,Chennai on March 7th 2016 and won second prize.
2. Two groups from S7 BT has been selected to the final round in the IBETO project competition conducted by Model Engg College Thrikkakara on Sept.25th 2016.


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