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I. Physical and other infrastructure facilities

a). Sports and Games being an integral part of Sahrdaya's total Educational Programme. The following facilities are developed and maintained for the students.

1 Indoor Stadium Basketball, Volleyball, Handball futsal, Table Tennis, Shuttle- badminton, Tennis and all Recreational games.
2 Football One multi-purpose field (including for Athletics With 200mts track of 6 lanes).
3  Fitness Centre For Men multi Gym with 16 station and Women multi Gym with 12 station
4 Cricket 1 field; multi-purpose.
5 Volleyball (out door) 2 Courts
6 Basketball (Out door) 2 court, which have cement floor
7 Athletic Equipments All kinds of equipment of National Standard Specifications are available.
8 Chess boards 4 boards are available
9 Table Tennis Boards 2 tables
10 Carom 4 Boards

II. Intensive Training for Competitive Sportsmen

Sahrdaya have been maintaining a high standard in almost all games among engineering colleges. The Department is giving systematic training and coaching for players in various games throughout the year. Leading teams are invited to Sahrdaya Campus for practice matches. In order to give competitive experience and exposures, Sahrdaya teams participated in all the Inter Private Engineering College Sports and Games Tournaments.

III. Laurels Galore :

•Sahrdaya has been winning Most of the Points in Private Engineering College Sports and Games Association 2005, 2007 and 2009 Tournaments
•Sahrdaya teams have been showing its supremacy in Private Engineering College Sports and Games tournaments in all games by winning 3 and being Runner-up in 4 out of eight Tournaments (PECSAGA 2007)
Sahrdaya shows care on sportsmen who have enormous talents in sports and striving hard to make the Sahrdaya Campus as the most suitable place for a good sportsman to develop his skill, character and personality.

Our motto is to make every Sahrdayans have the ability to do his assigned duties in best possible way with interest and enthusiasm , without getting fatigue and help him have extra reserved energy to go for extra hours of work to meet the needs of the time and tackle crisis

IV. Sports for all programme

Sahrdaya caters to the needs of all students by providing all assistance to participate in sports activities on all working days 4pm to 6.30 pm .

Inter Departmental Tournaments :

In order to provide opportunities for learning the values of life through sports, the Department of Physical Education is organizing Inter Departmental Tournaments and Annual Athletic Meet to provide competitive experiences, interaction with other fellow Collegian, Teachers, Junior and Seniors, to develop friendship, commander-ship and companionship. These types of tournaments spread over for four months, with the help of Departmental Heads, Staff In–charge, Students Leaders.


1) Volleyball 2) Football 3) Shuttle badminton 4) Table Tennis 5) Basket Ball 6) Cricket 7) Caroms 8) Chess
9) Athletics


1) Throw ball 2) Shuttle badminton 3) Table Tennis 4) Caroms 5) Chess 6) Athletics

Inter Collegiate University Level Participation

1) Football 2) Cricket 3) Volleyball 4) Basketball 5) Shuttle badminton M&W 6) Tennis M&W 7) Athletics

Priate Engineering College Sports and Games Association (2005 -2006 November 05 onwards)

1) Volleyball 2) Football 3) Shuttle Badminton (M/W) 4) Table Tennis (M/W) 5) Athletics(Men, Women) 6) Cricket
7) Basketball 8) Chess

Team Selection

  • From the Inter Departmental Tournaments we selecting players for college team
  • Tournament Organized by Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology.
  • Inter Engineering Collegiate ( PECSAGA) Football Tournament 2005
  • Inter Engineering Collegiate Tournament ( PECSAGA) Table Tennis and Shuttle Badminton for Men and Women 2006-07,07-08 and 08-09
  • Inter Engineering Collegiate ( PECSAGA) Volleyball Tournament 2009.


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