University Practical examination for S7 BT is scheduled on 11th ,12th & 13th December 2017.

Dated on : 08 Dec 2017

A workshop on “Experimental Research & Product Development-Tips for research Grant by IXORA TECH consulting services Pvt.Ltd Mumbai is arranged today in the seminar hall of Bio Block at 9:15 am. All the faculty members who are not having the invigilation duty are requested to attend the workshop compulsorily.

Dated on : 07 Dec 2017

  • BT department is organizing a AICTE sponsored FDP on Technological development in Bioprocess Engineering during November 27th to 9th December.Dr.Radhakrishna Pillai,Director,Rajiv Gandhi centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum will inaugurate the function.
  • CS department is also conducting a FDP on “Design & Analysis of Algorithm” during November 27th to 2nd December.
  • Linways Software training session starts today onwards. The training is arranged in the computer lab of CE department.

Dated on : 27 Nov 2017

The last date for the registration of 5th semester (2014 scheme) revaluation is on 29th November. 

Dated on : 24 Nov 2017

  • PTA meeting of S1,S3 &S5 starts today.


  • M.Tech university exam scheduled is published.

Dated on : 23 Nov 2017

  • 7th semester due list is published in the website & notice board.
  • S1, S3 & S5 classes terminates today.
  • List of students selected after 1st round of audition for radio jockey or radio presenters are published in the notice board of main block.


Dated on : 22 Nov 2017

  • Today IEDC launched the IEDC Media club.


  • 41 students & 7 faculty members successfully completed the NPTEL course of IIT.

Dated on : 21 Nov 2017

  • Students who registered for the competition to select radio jockey or radio presenters are requested to assemble in the seminar hall of our MBA college,SIMS at 12:20pm Competition will start at 12:30pm.


  • Today onwards the classes will be up to 4:00 pm.Buses will leave at 4:20 pm.

Dated on : 20 Nov 2017

  • Monday, 20th November onwards the classes will be conducted up to 4:00 pm and college bus will leave the campus at 4:20 pm.
  • Payment towards university regular examination fee, revaluation fee and fee for getting answer script copy must be completed on or before 21st November.
  • Today’s project exhibition is scheduled during 2:00-4:00.Time during 1:00-2:00 pm can be utilized for the preparation of the same.

Dated on : 18 Nov 2017

  • Tomorrow’s special time table is published on the notice board.


  • Today is the last date for registering the competition for selecting radio jockey and presenters. Contact Mrs.Vini Jose before 3:00 pm for the same .Competition will be held on 20th November.


  • A scholarship test for S5 students and special classes for S1 & S3 students are scheduled during 12:00-1:00, Lunch break will be during 1:00-2:00 pm for all.

Dated on : 17 Nov 2017

  • Our college is launching Digital & Community Radio station. We are searching for Radio Jockey and Radio presenter. They should be capable of presenting the themes in Malayalam. Hence a competition will be held on 20th Nov, 2017 (Monday) at 12.30 pm in the Main block Conference hall. Interested students are requested to register for the same to Ms. Vini Jose Training & PLACEMENT officer on or before 17th Nov, Friday 3 p.m.
  • Tomorrow study group activity for 5th semester will be a Scholarship test by TIME institute during 12-1 p.m.
  • 3rd sem & 1st semester students will have special class work.


Dated on : 16 Nov 2017

  • University examination of B.Tech S1 & S5 commence on 4th December, Monday in Slot A and S3 exam begins on 5th December, Tuesday in Slot F .Schedule is published on university website & college notice board.


  • S3 & S5 project exhibition is scheduled on 18th November, Saturday afternoon.

Dated on : 15 Nov 2017

  • Supplementary CAT  is scheduled to conduct on 16th 17th and 18th November .Students who could not write the CAT 1& 2 due to medical reason, or due to participation in any external events are eligible to apply.


  • Eligible students are requested to submit the proof of absence and register the exams through class advisers before 15th November.

Dated on : 14 Nov 2017

  • Kerala startup Mission (KSUM) conducted Idea Presentation Competition – Idea Day. More than 100 entries were there, among them 16 shortlisted. Out of 16, 3 engineering colleges were shortlisted. One of our project group received grant of Rs. 40,000 for creating brain signal mapping. The team members are Anjana C Sunil, Ashna Sunny, Ann Maria M J, Delna Davis, Divya Davis all from S7 EC A. Their project guide is Dr. Vishnu Rajan.


  • Today is the last day for the KTU students to apply for the revaluation of answer papers of S1,S2, S3, S4 supplementary exams.


  • NSS unit of Sahrdaya inaugurated the 1Rupee 1Life campaign today.

Dated on : 13 Nov 2017

  • There will be special class work for students during the study group hour if there is no practical exam.


  • S7 classes terminate today. University exams commence on 24th November.

Dated on : 10 Nov 2017

  • Students who have availed the Mgt & KCECMA scholarship are requested to submit the university exam mark lists published so far to the administrative office within one week for the renewal of scholarship.


  • Yesterday’s postponed practical exam is rescheduled and the time table will be published today afternoon in the department notice board.

Dated on : 09 Nov 2017

All practical exams scheduled today is postponed. Revised date will be informed tomorrow.

All other practicals scheduled will be conducted without change 

Dated on : 08 Nov 2017

  • The Toppers of 1st semester in 2nd CAT test.

               EC -Topper-Fabius.S.Thottappilly-93.6%

               CS A- Topper-Anurag.M.B-94.2%

               CS B- Topper-Mayrose Antony-98.3%

               BM- Topper-Theres Palatty-90.6%

               BT- Topper-Ann Elizabeth Chummar-95.6%

               EEE- Topper-Femi.C.Anto-96.1%

               CE- Topper-Thahzin Rasha.V.R-96.7%

Dated on : 06 Nov 2017

  • The Toppers of 3rd semester in 2nd CAT test.

                  EC -Topper-Lin Maria.K.Thomas-88.8%

                  CS A- Topper-Akhil Dev.M.J-98.3%

                  CS B- Topper-Twinkle Roy-96.7%

                  BM- Topper-Tiana Koottungal-91.7%

                  BT- Topper-Nimi James-93.8%

                  EEE- Topper-Antony Paul-92.5%

                  CE- Topper-Rose Mary Jojo,Sudheesha.E.S,Ashik Jose-79.6%

  • 7th semester university examination begins on 24th November. Time table is published.
  • Students are not allowed to use mobile phones inside the campus, as it is a serious violation of the instruction of Honorable High Court, University & College. There will be a surprise checking anytime & if caught it will be taken from the students.

Dated on : 04 Nov 2017

  • The Toppers of 5th semester in 2nd CAT test.

                   EC A-Topper-Deepa Costa-92.5%

                   EC B- Topper-Nima Cherian-95.8%

                   CS A- Topper-Aiswarya.R.Krishnan-95.4%

                   CS B- Topper-Merin David-94.2%

                   BM- Topper-Aswathy.B.S-87.9%

                   BT- Topper-Deepika.V-89.2%

                   EEE- Topper-Vimal.A.V-93.8%

                   CE- Topper-Navya Sreekumar-95.8%

  • S3 & S5 lab exams are scheduled to start on 7th Nov, Tuesday. The time table is published on the classroom and department notice board.


  • Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) has approved a technology incubation centre in our college. This TBI will be functioning with the support of KSIDC. An amount of Rs. 5 lacs is sanctioned towards the facility built up of TBI.
  • Today is first Friday. There will be holy mass in the college chapel at 12:00 pm. Students who are not attending the holy mass should participate in the study group activity during 12:00-1:00.Lunch break is common to all, during 1:00 to 2:00 pm.

Dated on : 03 Nov 2017

  • Tomorrow is first Friday. There will be holy mass in the college chapel at 12:00pm.Confession facility is available for catholic students and staff during 12:00 to 2:00 pm today.


  • Study group activity for tomorrow is an essay writing on the topic “How Kerala can preserve the aroma of harmony on the occasion of Kerala Piravi”.Students who are not attending the holy mass should participate in the study group activity during 12:00-1:00.Lunch break is common to all, during 1:00 to 2:00pm.


Dated on : 02 Nov 2017

  • Nov 4th, Saturday there will be assignment for S1,S3 & S5 in Slot E subject.
  • The special time table for Saturday is published.
  • Tomorrow, Nov 2nd  is All Soul Day. Classes will begin 1 hour late. College buses will reach the stops 1 hour late. Morning assembly will be at 9:45 a.m.Classes will begin at 10:00 am.9:00 to 10:00 period is suspended.

Dated on : 01 Nov 2017

  • Nov, 1st is – Kerala Piravi Day – All are requested to wear Kerala Traditional Dress – Dhothi& Shirt for boys, Kerala Saree for girls. Colour dhoti is not allowed.
  • Nov, 2nd is – All soul’s day – Classes will begin 1 hour late. All bus will leave the stops 1 hour late. Morning assembly will be at 9.45. Classes will begin at 10 a.m. (9 to 10 class is suspended)
  • Hardware club of  IEDC has participated in the NIT Techfest and bagged 2nd prize in the event E- RACER. The students are

                       AkshayBabu  - S3 EE

                       ArunjoMaliekkal–S5 EC

                       GowriSankar P U – S5 EC

  • IBS selected 21 students from different colleges, of these 3 students were selected from our college. They are – Alistar Thomas – S7 CS, Malavika Nair – S7 CS, Anagha Rajeev – EC

Dated on : 31 Oct 2017

  • M.Tech S1 exam fees is Rs.1500/- and for S3 Rs.900/-.All are requested to remit the fees this week itself.
  • As a part of central vigilance commission student council took an awareness integrity pledge.


Dated on : 30 Oct 2017

  • From 30th October Monday to 16th November Thursday regular class work for all the semester students will be up to 4:50 pm & bus will leave the campus at 5:05 pm.


  • Final round of IBS campus recruitment is being conducted today in our college. Total 60 students are participating from our college.10 students of S7 are shortlisted.


Dated on : 27 Oct 2017

  • Bluez Infomatics selected 59 students from S7. Congratulations to all.
  • Our student shuttle badminton boy’s team secured 3rd position (2nd runner up) in the KTU e-zone competition held at Christ Engineering College.
  • Reminder about the registration for Gandhian young Technological Award 2018.The last date for registration is October 30th.
  • KSCSTE science popularization program has sanctioned Rs.3,20,000 for the project titled “Spectacle of science”. Congratulations to Dr.Vishnu Rajan(EC) & Dr.Ambili Mechoor(BT).
  • The study group activity for tomorrow is the technical quiz .For S7 students appearing GATE 2018 will have a session on “A Blue print of GATE-2018”.For bio block students the session will be during 12:00 to 1:00 for decennial block it will be during 1:00 to 2:00 pm.


Dated on : 26 Oct 2017

  • Jeslin Antony & Malavika Sudheer of S5 EC secured 3rd prize in the Hub level paper presentation contest on “Smart Grid for power distribution in smart cities” conducted by IEEE. They also got selected for the state level competition to be held on 18th November at TKM.
  • Coming Saturday 28th October will be a working day. Special time table will be followed. Time table will be published today.

Dated on : 25 Oct 2017

  • The IOT lab of our college starts functioning today onwards.
  • S1,S3 & S5 students have the 2nd Assignment in Slot C on 27th October, Friday. 

                  Slot D on 30th October, Monday.

  • Yesterday we had the convocation of 2012-16 batch, it was organized very well and special congratulations to the convocation convener Mrs. Ann Mary Francis & Mrs.Binnet.

Dated on : 24 Oct 2017

  • There is a change in the seating arrangement for the series test to be held at Bio-block.
  • Convocation of 2012-16 Batch is scheduled today at 10:30 am. Ms.Terri Bresenham(President&CEO,sustainable healthcare solutions,GE Healthcare) will deliver convocation address.
  • Today’s CAT exam is 3 :00-4:00 pm.

Dated on : 23 Oct 2017

  • The study group activity for today is “Technical Quiz”.
  • Saturday is a working day and we follow special time table.
  • PeBLas an innovative natural organic toothpaste formulation against tooth decay received grant of Rs 6000/- from KSCSTE.The students are Mr.Najeeb Haneef,Adithya Ganesh,Delvy Davis,Divya Anand & Sruthy Nair of 2nd year Biotechnology Engineering. The project guide is Dr.Ambili Mechoor.

Dated on : 20 Oct 2017

  • For the attention of students belonging to forward communities with annual income below 2 lakhs. Online applications are invited by the Kerala state welfare corporation for forward communities for the “VIDYA SAMUNNATHI” scholarship.
    • Eligibility: Forward community, annual income below 2 lakhs.
    • Last Date: 15 Nov 2017.
    • For details visit
  • Our student basket ball team members secured 2nd position in the KTU women E-zone basket ball tournament and are qualified for the Inter-zone.
  • 3rd series test of 7th sem begins on 23-10-2017 Monday.


Dated on : 19 Oct 2017

  • The study group activity for today is general quiz.
  • Aegis 45 students got selected.
  • Bluez Infomatic final round today at 9:30 am Knowledge center.
  • CAT-II of Slot A (S1,S3, S5) will be conducted on 19th  Thursday.


Dated on : 13 Oct 2017

  • A talent hunt was conducted by CAD point,Thrissur in the campus on 29th September from which 42 students were selected. For the 2nd round of talent hunt was conducted at CAD point Thrissur on 8th October and the following where placed in the following positions.1st Shree Vishnu V from S7 civil, eligible for a scholarship of Rs.26550/-2nd  is shared by Aleena P F, Celin Rose, Rose Johny, Ansa A of S7 Civil, Adas K P, Sudhan A of S5 Civil. All of them are eligible for a scholarship of Rs.13275/-.Final year project ‘Driver Eye” is selected among semifinalist Anveshna by Augastia International Foundation.
  • The study group activity for tomorrow is general quiz.
  • The next class of the aerospace club is scheduled to be conducted on14th Oct, 2nd Saturday. All the aerospace members are requested to attend the classes with out fail.
  • Delegates from Aegis & Blue Infomatic are visiting our college today for placement. Eligible students of S7 EC, EEE & CS are requested to assemble in the indoor stadium at 9.30 for the pre placement talk, followed by aptitude test & GD rounds.




Dated on : 12 Oct 2017

  • 3rd sem PTA meeting is on 17th Tuesday at 2:00 pm.
  • 5th sem PTA meeting is on 19th Thursday at 2:00 pm.

Dated on : 10 Oct 2017

  • Attention of HOD’S & Faculty members: The practical’s of S1,S3 & S5 is to be completed before 2nd Nov.From 5th November onwards the lab exams has to be started. The  lab exams to be conducted during regular lab hours. Prepare the time table & submit to principal before 15-10-2017.
  • CE Department guest lecture S3 CE “Geology-Dr.G.Gopalakrishnan retired from CET.TVM is addressing the students.
  • Project submission of S3,S5 & S7 is on 1st November.
  • Series Test originally conducted on 11th is postponed to 19th October for all KTU students.
  • Today is the last date for online Registration for GATE exam

Dated on : 09 Oct 2017

  • The last date for remitting the University examination fee of 7th semester is on 9th, Monday.Amount is Rs 560/-.
  • Prof. Deepak Phatak from IIT Bombay is visiting our campus today.

Dated on : 07 Oct 2017

  • S7 EC students Syam Krishna,Radin Lawrence,Melwin Vincent & Ramees.P.K participated in the project competition and won third prize for their project titled “Automatic Court marker”. Asst Prof in EC Emmanuel Tom is their project guide.
  • Study Group Activity for tomorrow will be “Product Marketing”. The topic is “choose any product that can be recycled & reused for better living".

Dated on : 05 Oct 2017

  • IEDC is selecting Vice President among 1st year students.
  • EEE department has arranged a talk on the topic “Use of Softwares in Electical Engineering” for S5 & S7 EEE students.Mr.Viju Antony .P,Executive Director,Bimit will be addressing the students during 9:00-10:00 for S7 EEE & during 10:00-11:00 for S5 EEE today.
  • S1,S3 & S5 have 2nd Assignment in Slot B subject on 7th October, Saturday.


Dated on : 04 Oct 2017

  • All the 7th semester students are requested to remit their 7th sem university exam fees Rs. 560/- before 7th October.
  • The last date for the online applications under post metric & Merit cum means scholarship has extended till 15th October 2017(For fresh & renewal).
  • Students registered for the Pragati/Saksham scholarship are requested to upload & update the Aadhaar card details, For more details contact administrative office.
  • Today is IEEE Day, In connection with that IEEE is organizing various programs for one week.
  • Our college has been selected by KTU as KTU Research Centre.


Dated on : 03 Oct 2017

  •  There will be campus recruitment by IBS on 30th September 2017.Eligibility for the selection is 70% with no supplementary papers. Eligible students of S7 EC & CS are requested to assemble in the auditorium at 9:00 am on 30th September. For further details contact HR & Placement officer.
  • The final list of books for the book bank scheme for 1st ,3rd & 5th semester is published in the library notice board. The last date for the collection of books is 12thOctober.
  • The following students are selected for the phase 3rd & Hub level competition of WYBO “Work your Brain Out” conducted by IEEE.The competition will take place at college of Engineering,Chenganoor on 1st & 2nd October.     
  1. Merin David
  2. Dhanalakshmi.C.D
  3. Sandeep.K.C
  4. Karthi
  • PTA meeting of S1 students is arranged on 3rd October at 2:00pm.All students are requested to inform the parents the date and time.
  • IEEE is organizing a 24 hour world wide Programming competition IEEE*TREME.
  • The Toppers of CAT 1 in 5th  semester.
  1. EC A–Topper-Alvin Francis-88.8%
  2. EC B-Topper-Sreerag Saleesh-92.1%
  3. BM- Topper-Aswathy.B.S-93.1%
  4. BT- Topper- Anmariya Benny-92.5%
  5.  CS A- Topper-Aiswarya.R.Krishnan-93.8%
  6. CS B- Topper-Merin David-93.8%
  7. EE- Topper- Vimal.A.V-85%
  8. CE- Topper- Gopika Krishnan-91.3%

Dated on : 28 Sep 2017

  • The Toppers of CAT 1 in 3rd semester.
  1. EC -Topper- Neenu Johnson-81.3%
  2. BM- Topper-Aiswarya Prakash-93.8%
  3. BT- Topper- Nimi James-93.3%
  4. CS A- Topper-Aparna U-94.6%
  5. CS B- Topper-Mithu Raveendran-94.2%
  6. EE- Topper- Asish.P.S-90.8%
  7. CE- Topper- Aleena Babu-87.9%
  • Department of Civil Engineering has arranged a talk on the topic “Use of Software’s in Civil Engineering for S3,S5 & S7 students.Mr.Viju Antony from Bimit will be addressing the students.
  • Magazine committee is inviting articles for new magazine.
  • Department of physical education is arranging sports & games coaching camp/selection trials for the college teams. The details are published on the notice boards. For more details contact Physical Education Director.


Dated on : 27 Sep 2017

  • The Toppers of CAT 1 in 1st semester.
  1. EC -Topper- Fabius.S.Thottappilly-93.5%
  2. BM- Topper- Agna Jose-93.3%
  3. BT- Topper- Irene Mariam Jacob-95.1%
  4.  CS A- Topper- Anurag.M.B-92.5%
  5. CS B- Topper- Mayrose Antony-94.6%
  6. EE- Topper- Fresy Mariya Francis-85.5%
  7. CE- Topper- Averin Ashmi.K.S-93.8%

Dated on : 26 Sep 2017

2nd Assignment of Slot A (S1,S3, S5) will be conducted on 28th Thursday.


Dated on : 25 Sep 2017

  • Department of ECE is conducting an alumni interaction for S5 students during 10-11 am in seminar Hall-1.M/S.Anjana Rajendran ,Project Manager Robert Bosch,Bangalore is addressing students.



Dated on : 23 Sep 2017

  • The toppers of 7th semester in 2nd series test.
  1. EC A-Topper-Anjana.C.Sunil-94%
  2. EC B- Topper-Sujitha.A.C-98.4%
  3. BM- Topper-Athira Joseph-90%
  4. BT- Topper-Padma Soonam-88.8%
  5. CS A- Topper-Gopika.K.G-98%
  6. CS B- Topper-Malavika Nair-97%
  7. EE- Topper-Jasmin Paul-90.4%
  8. CE- Topper-Jeffy Johny-98%
  • Series test of CAT1-Slot E (S1,S3 & S5) which was originally scheduled on 18th will be conducted on 20th Wednesday.
  • Saturday 23rd is a working day and we follow Monday’s time table. 
  • Assignment of 20th of Slot F(S3) is rescheduled on 25th Monday.
  •  S1 & S5 -1st Assignment in Slot F is on 22nd Friday.
  • Innovate of KSCSTE is a special programme instituted by KSCTE to promote innovations from Engineering students in the Kerala state. Under Innovate scheme financial support of Rs.25000/- will be provided to selected innovate projects. Such projects will get an opportunity to be presented in TEKON-2018(TECHFEST of KSCSTE).
  • The course of Red Hat was conducted at Sahrdaya in co-operation with IPSR. 20 of our S7 CS students passed in the international certification as the “Red Hat certificated system Administration”. 


Dated on : 19 Sep 2017

  • The series test which is scheduled on Monday (18-9-2017) is postponed to wednesday ( 20-9-2017).  The assignment scheduled on wednesday is postponed.


Dated on : 18 Sep 2017

  • The next class of Aerospace club is arranged on 23rd September Saturday. All the members of the Aerospace club are expected to attend the class without fail


Dated on : 16 Sep 2017

  • In connection with the 50th Engineers Day, the study group activity for today will be an essay writing competition on “Role of Engineers in Developing India”. Best essay’s will be given prizes and will be published in college magazine. It will be conducted in the respective classroom.
  • 7th semester students will have the assignment in 704 on 16th September, Saturday.
  • Saturday we follow Special time table for 1st sem and for 3rd,5th & 7th  Tuesday’s time tab


Dated on : 15 Sep 2017

  • Texas Instruments India University program in collaboration with Department of Science and & Technology, Government of India and IIM Bangalore has launched the second edition of contest – India Innovation Challenge 2017. The objective of the contest is to identify 10 student led startups.Faculties & students can participate. Students have to participate in teams of 2 to 5 members. The last date for submission is 25th September 2017.For more details contact department HOD’S or IEDC.
  • In connection with the Engineers Day on September 15 the Energon club is organizing a debate competition. 
  • Soft skill training for S7 starts today.
  • In connection with the 50th Engineers Day, the study group activity for tomorrow will be an essay writing competition on “Role of Engineers in Developing India”. Best essay’s will be given prizes and will be published in college magazine.
  • 7th semester students will have the assignment in 704 on 16th September, Saturday.


Dated on : 14 Sep 2017

  • KSIDC is conducting a programme called “Out of Syllabus” for final year students at Indoor stadium during 10:00 to 12:00.Faculty handling the 2nd hour is requested to accompany the students for the program.
  • 1st list of book bank scheme for 1st sem & 2nd list of book bank scheme for 3rd & 5th sem is published in the library notice board. Students are requested to collect the book soon.
  • Software club of computer science and Engineering department is conducting a two day workshop on “ETHICAL HACKING” by Quovadis Robosoftech. The proposed date for the workshop are 7th & 8th September 2017.Interested students have to register through the Google forms sent to your mail and the selected students will be informed. The registration closes on 2nd of September 2017.


Dated on : 30 Aug 2017

  • Today is the National sports Day and on behalf of this we have organized Walkathon and Football Exhibition Match in the afternoon.Walkathon is held at 3:30 pm at the Fly over junction (in front of St.Joseph Church,Kodakara),which is being flagged off by Col H Padmanabhan(commanding officer 7kerala girls Battalion NCC,Thrissur).Thereafter, we have the football exhibition match in the college football ground at 4:30 pm.
  • Bus service has been arranged to kodakara at 3:00 pm from our college. The college will be disbursed from kodakara after the function. Students can board their buses to home from kodakara.We expect Technical cell NSS Volunteers and student council members to help the successful conduct of the Walkathon.
  • First list of book bank scheme  for Ist sem is published in the library notice board. Students are requested to collect the books soon.
  • Second list of book bank for III & Vth sem is published in the library notice board. Students are requested to collect the books soon.



Dated on : 29 Aug 2017

  • Ms.Manisha G at 2017 passout BM student got placed in Roche Diagnostics. Roshe is a German MNL Company which is listed among top 5 Biomedical Engineering Company.


Dated on : 25 Aug 2017

  • There is a revision in the calendar for the month of August/September all the faculty members & students are requested to follow the same.
  • Football players are requested to report in the football ground at 4:00pm.
  • The study group activity for tomorrow will be conducted by CSI student branch of our college. Topic will be provided on the spot and it will be a group presentation.


Dated on : 24 Aug 2017

  • S1, S3, & S5 students will have assignment in slot C on 25th August Friday & slot D assignment is on 29th August, Tuesday.
  • IEEE All Kerala Students Congress will be hosted in our campus during 26th to 28th August.  Hence the regular class work will be suspended on 26th Saturday.
  • S7 students will have 2nd assignment in 702 on 29th August, Tuesday.


Dated on : 23 Aug 2017

  • The next class of Sahrdaya Aerospace Club is scheduled on 26th of August 2017 (Coming Saturday) from 10am to 1pm. The topic for the session is "Model Rocketry Challenge". All the members of the Aerospace club are expected to attend without fail.


Dated on : 22 Aug 2017

  • Today is the Inauguration of new student council for the academic year 2017-2018.Faculties are requested to leave the class at 11:50for the Inauguration at 12:00pm in the auditorium.
  • S1,S3,S5 CAT 1 which was originally scheduled to start on 21st Monday is rescheduled to start on 13th SeptemberWednesday(after onam).
  • The IEEE Cochin Hub is conducting a 3 level program called WYBO(work your brain out).The program is arranged in 3 levels which include-Student branch level,Zonal level & Hub level. Out of 25 students under the Thrissur zone,5 of our students got selected from phase I 
  • They are:-  Merin David, Sandep.K.C, Dhanalakshmi, Karthika.R,Sree Hari Pratap
  • It is also my pleasure to inform you that our college has been selected as the venue for WYBO Phase 2 on 19th August 2017.   

Dated on : 18 Aug 2017

  • KTU has invited a proposal to give a unique name & Logo for TECHFEST of KSCSTE. Any student under KTU affiliated colleges can participate in the contest .The winner will be provided with cash prize of Rs.5000/-
  • IEDC &RDC presents “Innovative cafe 4 Disruptive Ideas (IC4D) contest at SCET.The contest implores innovative project ideas from the student faculty teams. Rules & Regulations are already published in the IEDC notice board.
  • The first list of book bank for III & Vth sem is published on the library notice board. Students are requested to collect the books on or before 25th of this month. 
  • First sem students are requested to apply the books wanted for book bank scheme. The last date to submit the online application is on 21st Monday 9:00am 
  • Physical Education Director Vijay.C.U & Asst.Prof.Ashna Mohan along with 15 students participated in the IEDC flash mob yesterday at marine drive Ernakulam. It was conducted by Channel I’m.
  • Study Group activity for tomorrow is “JAM-Just A Minute”. Advisors are requested to give the topics during the activity hour.


Dated on : 17 Aug 2017

  • Our college has been selected as the venue for the conduct of TECHFEST & KETCON 2018 during 16 to 18 Feb 2018.
  • Assignment for S1,S3 & S5 in Slot B originally scheduled to be conducted on 19th Aug will be conducted on  18th  Aug .
  • Also, the 7thsemester 2nd series test will start on 18th August.


Dated on : 16 Aug 2017

  • IEEE is conducting an online Logo designing competition for the students.
  • Live wire Technologies conducted a talk on “Ethical Hacking” for S7 CS students on 11th August.


Dated on : 12 Aug 2017

  • Today an “Anti Ragging” awareness talk is being arranged for S3 & S7 students in the auditorium from 12:00 pm. Faculties are requested to leave the class by 11:50 pm.
  • IEEE is conducting a debate and inviting applications for new registration.


Dated on : 11 Aug 2017

  • Hardware club of our college is releasing a teaser today.
  • The Toppers of the 7th sem students in 1st series test are as follows:
  •                   EC A –Topper-Athira Venugopal-97.2%
  •                   EC B-Topper-Neena Johnson-99.2%
  •                   CS A-Topper-Gopika.K.G-91.6%
  •                   CS B-Topper-Malavika Nair-91.2%
  •                   BM –Topper-Megha Biju-82.8%
  •                   BT – Topper-Chinju Paul & Padma Soonam-88%
  •                   EE –Topper-Aditi Maria Giju-96.4%
  •                   CE-Topper-Adheena .C.Jose-91.6%

Today an “Anti Drug” awareness talk is being arranged for all the students in the auditorium from 2:00pm.Circle Inspector from Excise Department will address the students. Faculties are requested to leave the class by 1:45pm. All faculties are requested to attend this talk.

  • Non catholic students of S1 & S5 will have the motivational talk on 11th August Friday. Attendance is compulsory.
  • EEE department is conducting a faculty knowledge sharing program today from 4:00 to 5:00.The session will be handled by Mr.Madhujith,Asst.Prof of EEE Department on the topic “Design of an Electrical system of multi story building”. 
  • IEEE is conducting an event WYBO(Work your brains out).
  • NSS Chapter of our college has decided to conduct an outreach program in connection with the Independence Day celebration.


Dated on : 10 Aug 2017