Dr. Uma Krishnakumar


Qualification: PhD

Professional Experience:4 YEARS

Date of Joining:10/07/2017 

Area of interest:Biochemical Engineering


Phone: 9495504281

Biochemical Engineering

  1. Uma Krishnakumar, V Sivasubramanian, “Recent advancements in biodiesel from non-edible oils using packed bed membrane reactors”, Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies – CRC Press September 2016.
  2. Uma Krishnakumar, V Sivasubramanian, “Biodiesel from Rubber Seed Oil: A Sustainable Solution for Biofuel Production”, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development, – Nova Science Publishers June 2015.

  3. attended FDPs on the titles ‘Technical English for Engineers’ & ‘Industrial Biotechnology’ from July-Oct, 2018.
  1. Uma Krishnakumar, V Sivasubramanian, “Kinetic study of preparation of biodiesel from crude rubber seed oil over a modified heterogeneous catalyst”, Indian Journal of Chemical Technology – In press
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  5. R Sivashankar, A B Sathya, Uma Krishnakumar and V Sivasubramanian, “Synthesis of magnetic biocomposite for efficient adsorption of azo dye from aqueous solution”, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Assessment, Vol. 121, pp: 149-153, November 2015.

Uma Krishnakumar, R Sivashankar, V Sivasubramanian, “Stability and quality assessment of biodiesel by photochemiluminescence method”, International Conference on Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control -2014, NIT Trichy – Best Paper Award 2014

•Uma Krishnakumar, V Sivasubramanian, “Process optimization of biodiesel produced from rubber seed oil and performance analysis of diesel engine fuelled by biodiesel blends”, Kerala Science Congress 2013 – Conference Proceedings

•Uma Krishnakumar, V Sivasubramanian, “Evaluation of fuel quality parameters of biodiesel derived from rubber seed oil”, Kerala Science Congress 2013 – Best Poster Award

1.Workshop on Modeling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering at NIT Calicut.
2. One day workshop on MATLAB application areas at NIT Calicut.

Satpura Sadan, Muthuvara, P.O.Puzhakkal, Thrissur Dt. PIN: 680553