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Sl. NoFaculty Name Title of the PaperJournal Details
1Ambili Mechoor Zymography in Multiwells for Quality Assessment of ProteinasesMechoor A and Madanan MG (2017). Methods Mol Biol. 1626:221-228
2Ranimol G Production of laccase from Trichoderma harzianum and its application in dye decolourisationRanimol G published a paper in the Journal “Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology” 16(2018) 400-404
3Ambili Mechoor Molecular Docking studies on phytocompounds from the methanol leaf extract of Carica papaya against Envelope protein of dengue virus (type-2).K. Sajin, Rahna K Rathnan & Ambili Mechoor (2015). Journal of computational methods in molecular design. 5(2): 1-7
4Uma Krishnakumar Spectroscopic techniques for stability and quality assessment of biodieselAsian Journal of Chemistry 2016/28
5P Praveena A study on effect of oral administration of various extracts of unripe Carica papaya L on hormonal stability during pregnancy in Swiss albino mice.AsianJl ofMicrobiol, Biotech and EnvSci 2012/14



Amitha Joy

Amitha Joy


Phytate to kill cancer

Interactions ofphytic acid with anticancer drug targets

Published PhD Thesis as a book under Lambert Publications, 2018.

International Journal of Computational biology and drug design 2017, 10:49-62

8Ambili Mechoor A dynamic expression survey identifies transcription factors relevant in mouse digestive tract development.Choi MY, Romer AI, Hu M, Lepourcelet M, Mechoor A, Yesilaltay A, Krieger M, Gray PA, Shivdasani RA. (2006) Development; 133:4119-4129 (IMPF : 9.162)
9P Praveena Ozone in waste water treatmentSJCET Journal of Engineering 2010/5
10Amitha Joy Drug-likeness of phytic acid and its analoguesInternational(The Open Microbiology Journal) 2015/9
11Uma Krishnakumar Synthesis of magnetic biocomposite for efficient adsorption of azo dye from aqueous solutionEcotoxicology and Environmental Assessment 2015/121
12Amitha Joy In silico Analysis of prospective influence of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin a on selected neurotransmittersAmitha Joy, Joby Pulikkan, Tony Grace, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering 2015/3
13P Praveena Production of bioplastics from different wastesPraveena P,Sarath Menon, Linta Mariyam, SJCET Journal of Engineering 2010/5
14Smeera Thomas Effect of clove oil on A549 lung cancer cellsInnovations in Biotechnology 2015
15Uma Krishnakumar Kinetic study of preparation of biodiesel from crude rubber seed oil over a modified heterogeneous catalystUma Krishnakumar & Dr V Sivasubramanian, Indian Journal of Chemical Technology Vol 24, No 4 (2017)

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