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Developmental Activities

Mushroom hub

Dr.Midhila Padman


The mushroom hub provides fresh mushrooms of different varieties like oyster and button mushrooms. Mushroom cultivation is one of the most profitable agribusinesses that can be started with minimum investment and space.  Mushrooms are considered to be healthy, which are low in calories, rich in fibre, and are important sources of vitamins and minerals. They contribute to the maintenance of red blood cells and healthy nerve functions. The main activities of this section are to culture edible mushrooms, study the diversity of edible and non-edible fungus, train the students, and also distribute mushrooms.


Dr.Midhila Padman

The state of Kerala suffered its worst monsoon flooding in a century in the month of August 2018, with more than one million people displaced, and more than 400 reported deathsFloods also heighten the risks for contamination, environmental hazards and diseases. Dangers to disaster-affected areas and public health risks associated with these floods are often overlooked. In view of this, our department initiated a study to assess the contamination and spoilage of ayurvedic products. For this, contaminated ayurvedic products were obtained from Oushadhi, Thrissur, and technology was developed to convert the contaminated and spoiled products into decontaminated and value-added products.


PeBLaS: Organic Toothpaste

Dr.Ambili Mechoor

PeBLaS, a novel organic toothpaste formulation; which can prove itself better one than the ones available in the market which contains a certain amount of toxic chemicals. The material used for the preparation includes: Bentonite clay, common salt, baking soda, water, coconut oil, few drops of essential oil (specific) in a particular quantitative ratio.