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PEO’s & PSO’s

PEO's & PSO's

Program Educational Objectives

On successful completion of the Program, Our Graduates are expected to:
1. To be equipped with the engineering skills and technical concepts enabling them to take up careers in Biotechnology and allied fields globally. 
2. To instill the passion for lifelong learning scientific discovery, allowing them to conduct research, communicate and innovate technologies keeping them motivated to take research and higher education. 
3. To inculcate entrepreneurial and techno management skills along with professional and ethical responsibility empowering them to be responsible and socially aware citizens.

Program Specific Outcomes

1. Able to measure, model and manipulate properties of biological systems at the cellular and molecular level so as to produce sustainable bioproducts that address environmental and ethical standards. 
2. Able to formulate and execute quantitative and design- oriented analysis of biological systems with modern tools and techniques and sustain a desire for learning and research that generates new knowledge at the interface of engineering and biology. 
3. Transform as socially relevant biological engineers having an entrepreneurial spirit and a professional outlook that would enable them to work as a part of a team in an industrial or research set up