It gives me immense pleasure on this occasion to address the gathering

Today is marked as a noteworthy day for sahrdayans – Inauguration of the 11th academic year. Compared to previous years I understand that all the three batches of students together are here while commencing the new academic year. I am happy to see that our university tried their level best to streamline the examination calendar and hence this year we may be able to conduct all our academic and non academic activities as per schedule. On behalf of all of you I applaud University Team for their untiring effort to plan this academic year’s examination calendar.

We could gain many achievements in the previous year. My dear young friends, let us not live on the past glory. We would strive for better performance and excellence in the coming years. To become a good professional, each one should be very clear in his/her ambitions and set appropriate goals for oneself. India has made a huge progress in terms of expanding literacy , its improved education system and is often cited as one of the main contributors to the economic rise of India. Much of the progress in education has been credited to various private institutions. However, India continues to face challenges. Despite growing investment in education, 40% of the population is illiterate and only 15% of the students reach high school when we take the whole of India. India’s Gross Enrolment Ratio – the proportion of college-age students attending college – is mearly 11 percent. At this juncture I could say that you are the blessed or chosen people to pursue higher education. Last year, Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh declared the years 2010-20 as India’s Innovation Decade. To achieve this aim each person should develop individuality. People are often satisfied with doing things emulating others. Why should I take up new methods and take risk? Many are satisfied with a job. That is the conservative thought that guides such people. But a small number of people venture to adopt new methods. They are proving to be extremely successful. As you know the thumb impression, voice, signature of all humans are all different. If so why not show uniqueness in other fields also. There is a saying in english’ If you are a worm, be a glow worm’ .

When a person adopts a new way of life there will be criticisms from large number of people. When you show distinctiveness you may hesitate to advance under pressure of such criticisms. Undaunted, keep up individuality and you will certainly be a great success. You must prove that you have your own individuality and be bold to exhibit such unique nature in you. This will certainly lead to innovative ideas

Our college aims at providing young students with quality education and training. On this instance I would like to remind you about the mission and vision of our college. We aim to train the youth to be the leaders of tomorrow with apt skills, deep rooted sense of social responsibility, strong ethical values and with a global outlook to face the challenges of the changing world. Our vision is with a high calibre faculty and an excellent infrastructure, we promote academic excellence, absolute discipline and sound practical exposure. I wish all the staff and students may accomplish this mission by your collaborative effort. I would like to share with you a quote from one of the famous entrepreneur Steven P Jobs who passed away last year.
“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected”.
Before concluding I am so happy to announce that this year we received sanction order from goverment and affiliation from university to start a new branch, B.Tech. in Civil Engineering and an additional batch of computer science.
Also congratulations to the winners and supervising guides of the best project award.
Now I am moving on to my duty. I officially inaugurate this 11th academic year. I wish all of you good luck. May Almighty God shower His blessings upon you.


Message by Chairman H. E Bishop Mar Pauly Kannookadan on the occasion of inauguration of 11th academic year.