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Program Educational Objectives

On successful completion of the Program, the Graduates are expected to:
1) Take up challenging careers in suitable corporate, business or educational sectors across the world, in multi-cultural work environment.
2) Continuously strive for higher achievements in life keeping moral and ethical values such as honesty, loyalty, good relationship and best performance, aloft. 
3) Be knowledgeable and responsible citizens with good team-work skills, competent leadership qualities and holistic values.

Program Specific Outcomes

1) To nurture students with technically inquisitive attitude so that any real-world problem could be tackled with a problem solving perspective, finding a suitable mathematical model with strong fundamental technological concepts to solve and apply to rapid growing arena of computer technology.
2) To develop professionals with excellent exposure to the latest technologies to design high quality products unique in innovation, technology, software, security, hardware and usefulness; making high impact on society, business and technology.
3) To enhance knowledge in practical implementation of technology with regard to parallelism, virtualization of networks, scientific analysis and modeling, visualization, natural language processing, digital synthesis of data and its manipulation, wireless and mobile communication, storage and retrieval of huge amount of data etc.