Feedback collection and analysis

Structured feedback is received from Students, Employers, Alumni, Parents and Teachers.

Institute conducts online feedback by the student every semester. The student gives feedback for all the theory and practical courses taught to them in the semester. The student’s feedback is considered as a valuable source of information to measure their level of satisfaction. The general assessment points of the feedback based on question based syllabus, adequacy of syllabus, assessment of answer books, Satisfaction about teaching methodology, Teachers approachability towards students, Teachers ability to teach subject and control the class, Syllabus coverage organisation of lectures use of modern tools of Pedagogy etc. on a grade of 5 scale with number 5 meaning excellent and 1 meaning not satisfactory. The Institute policy is that if teachers gets average grade less than 2.5 he/she is being called by the institute authority and is being informed about his/her performance of the particular course. The teachers are accordingly instructed by the authorities to improve their performances. Alumni Feedback is conducted whenever alumni program such as Alumni Meet are organised in the Institute during academic year. The Feedback from Alumni is drawn evaluating subject knowledge of the program, level of meeting expectation, progress of Alumni in career after graduation, impact of training, motivation at Institute, Impact of training on personality, maturity, Social Skills, ability to take decisions, ability to manage finances and presentation skills at the workplace. This feedback is also taken on a 3 point scale. The Employers feedback highlights evaluation parameters in the form of subject knowledge, attitude, Behaviour, Regularity, Punctuality, Maturity, Motivation, Creativity, Presentation Skills and ability to get along with others. The analysis of this feedback helps institute in reframing the course content and various skill development training. It also helps in determining overall employability of our students at various levels. The feedback from the Parents helps the Institute immensely reorienting the administrative, accommodation, general ambience, the skill development, suitability of the courses for career growth of the ward, the skill development of ward etc.The parents feedback is collected during Parents- Teachers Welfare association (PTWA) meeting conducted during every semester. The feedback collected from the students and alumni for curriculum and suggestions are placed in DAC(Department Advisory Committee) meetings. Analysis of all collected feedback done on the employability and value based education.

Main points highlited in the feed back and actions taken

Points mentioned in the feed back

Actions taken

Industrial interaction

-Departments have taken initiatives in bringing more industry persons for invited talks, interaction with students etc. MoUs have been signed with companies like AGAPPE and as a part of that company is conducting training for selected students from Biomedical and Biotechnology Engg students in the college. More industry sponsored projects have come up and students are allowed for internship in the companies with MoU has been signed.

GATE Coaching

GATE coaching is provided for eligible students by external agency arranged by HR Department. They conduct mock test also as part of that.

More NPTEL  lecturers

Assignment pattern is revised for several subjects inorder to include NPTEL courses.

Skill development programmes

Skill development club, hardware club etc have been formed and active under IEDC.

More focus towards technical interviews

The study group activities are now conducted department wise so that more sessions on technical problem solving is included.

Upliftment of slow learners

T4S and S4S programme is active and proper documentations are done.

Campus placements

HR department has taken initiatives in bringing more companies to the college for campus placements. Students are also motivated to participate in pool drive also. The placement statistics has come up compared with last years.

Regarding workspace in lab

Labs in the Department of Biotechnology has been renovated to include more work space

Mock interviews and tests

Mock tests and interviews are organised by HR department with external agencies in view of preparing the students for  campus placements.

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