Students who are

  1. Under quarantine/coming from other states (without undergoing quarantine)
  2. Coming from containment zones
  3. Having minor flu like symptoms
are instructed to report the details to in advance and fill the declaration form attached which is mandatory (Click here to download DECLARATION FORM).
Failure in reporting these and hiding symptoms related to COVID-19 will be considered as serious offence.
Kindly adhere to the safety and social distancing  protocols stipulated by the Governments in the fight against Covid- 19 pandemic. 

Seating Details

Hall Details for VII / VIII Semester B.Tech (Honours) Examinations – June 2020

The following hall arrangement for VII / VIII Semester B.Tech Degree (Honours) Examinations, June 2020 are scheduled below. You are advised to occupy the allotted seats, at least FIFTEEN MINUTES earlier to the commencement of the examination, and strictly adhere to the same during all the examination. You are required to bring your ID CARDS for all the examinations. External Students of this center need to submit a copy of self-attested ID proof to the Invigilators for all the Examination(s) without fail.
Date & DayExam DetailsSessionRegister Nos. Hall AllottedRoom Plan 
S7 HonoursFNAll Registered Students104 Admin BlockLink to File: 
S7 Room Plan
S8 HonoursFNAll Registered Students104 Admin BlockLink to File:
S8 Room Plan